An Affordable CNC Machine for Everyone

SYIL CNC is a true leader in high-quality yet affordable CNC machines for milling and turning. We are looking forward to advising and serve you anywhere worldwide.


Best CNC machines for all kinds of CNC machining

SYIL Machine Tools is a true leader in high-quality hobby CNC mills and small CNC machines. SYIL small CNC machines are suitable for personal, educational and enterprise needs. You can opt for a standard CNC milling machine, or you can configure your own.

SYIL's range of the best CNC machines comprises of four product lines. Click below to discover more details on each series:

  • The 5 Series is the top choice for a mini CNC machine for personal use.
  • The 7 Series is an affordable small CNC milling machine designed for real machining work.
  • The T Series is a CNC tapping center built for extreme processing.
  • The V Series is a vertical machining center built for extremely intricate processing and offers the highest cutting tool capacity.

Personal CNC Mill - 5 Series


Small CNC Mill - 7 Series


Tapping Center - T Series


Vertical Mill - V Series

Happy CNC machining users are the bottom line for SYIL CNC

Whether you own a hobby CNC mill, a small CNC machine, a tapping center, or a VMC machine, SYIL has the best CNC machines for your  CNC machining needs. From the shop to the track to the studio, you can create nearly anything on one of our affordable CNC machines. What can you create with your affordable CNC machine? Take a look at some of our customer stories and get inspired!


Benefits of SYIL CNC machines

We deliver our CNC machinery worldwide to customers from the United States to Germany to Indonesia. Our small CNC machines offer three key benefits: they are affordable, of good quality, and suitable for almost any application.

  • Affordable CNC mills

  • Quality CNC machinery

  • Easy to operate CNC machines


Value for money

Our state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing process considerably lowers CNC machine costs, and we pass those cost savings on to our customers.

At SYIL, every day we prove that excellent, precision CNC machine tools do not always need to be expensive. Here’s how we do it. We have:

  • Cost-effective manufacturing in mainland China
  • Integrated supply chain, working in partnership for more than 15 years
  • Lean and mean organization, with tight cooperation between sales and manufacturing

Our sales model is simple. No matter you buy directly from SYIL China or through an appointed Value Added Reseller, the price is always the same low factory price. 

So if you are looking for some of the best CNC machines, contact SYIL CNC.


Built with top-quality components

SYIL machines are proudly designed and made in China with the highest precision. SYIL is committed to meeting global customers' needs and providing excellent customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our CNC machines, services, and in-house quality management system. SYIL holds all necessary quality certificates including ISO9001 and offers:

  • Machines made in China from top-notch materials
  • A highly skilled workforce
  • Zero-defect philosophy

Our component suppliers include top names from the industry like SCHNEEBERGER, Thodacon and SIEMENS.

Rest assured, your best CNC milling machine comes with proven quality and meets all international requirements like CE and CSA.


Easy to operate and maintain

Whether you are involved in research and development, education, or short-run production, or you are simply an entrepreneur with an idea, SYIL's affordable CNC machine tools will allow you to make what you need more easily, more quickly, and more affordably. We make one of the best CNC machines at an affordable price.

The great advantage: all our CNC machines are easy to install, easy to operate and maintain. Most of our customers even do the first-time installation and set-up themselves.

Of course, when needed and no matter where you are in the world, SYIL can arrange installation and set-up service.

So, do not wait and contact us today!


About SYIL

SYIL Machine Tools Co., Ltd., a family-owned company from China with a long track record, makes affordable CNC machine tools for milling and turning purposes. Since its founding more than 15 years ago, the company has supplied over 12,000 CNC milling machines worldwide to individuals, small startups, and SME enterprises.

We have a strong in-house R&D team, developing exceptionally engineered products that are regarded as the best CNC machines in their price range. And, we provide worldwide technical support and customer service: connect with us! We get our inspiration from our customers—every time they surprise us by transforming concepts into real products with the use of our CNC mills.

We sell to our customers worldwide directly from China since 2003. We provide remote support. When needed we arrange local on-site support.


What SYIL MACHINE TOOLS customers say

“I think... SYIL is the best personal CNC Mill. With ATC 10 position is perfect for small workshops, and it is a heavy precise machine for a good price. For small parts and small series production, you have a real opportunity to start your business for entry-level budget.”

“The SYIL V5 has been solid and dependable in all three materials: titanium, stainless, and aluminum.”

“I am very very pleased with my machine. It has the perfect size for a small technical/mechanical workshop as mine. The machine is very easy to operate, fast working, very accurate, made pretty nice looking in colors and at a nice price.”


CONNECT PLUS s.r.o. is a small workshop in Slovakia. They needed a quality CNC machine with an affordable price tag.


The SYIL X7 is very suitable for a small workshop. It enables you to make accurate small parts. 


CONNECT PLUS is now able to serve its clients with brilliant top-quality prototypes and small parts.


Dward Design is a start-up making custom bicycle parts. Space and budget were key constraints in making the right CNC machine purchase.


The SYIL V5 is a great solution when you have limited space in your workshop and still need a machine that enables you to make highly accurate small parts.


Dward Design, with the SYIL V5 as its main machine tool, is now serving many happy bicycle fans with custom parts for their bike.


How Much Does a CNC Machine Cost?

What is the cost of a SYIL CNC machine? Most of our customers initially come to us with this question. They want a low CNC machine price for their projects. Since we are a Chinese brand, they think it must be cheap. But at SYIL, we do not claim to be the cheapest. Instead, we aim to be regarded as the #1 affordable CNC machine brand. 


The ultimate price comparison guide

We are confident that we can offer you one of the best CNC machines at an unheard price. Read our price comparison ebook and challenge us by asking for a quote.

HAAS Super Mini Mill vs SYIL X7 Siemens (2)

Need clarification?

How to buy a machine from SYIL?

You can buy a SYIL machine directly from SYIL Machine Tools Co., Ltd. in China. It works like this: you can configure your desired machine online, or have a chat with us. Then we make an official quote for you. Once you are ready to place your order with us, you confirm the quote. You need to pay part at date order, and the remaining part once the machine is ready to ship.

Do you ship the machine from China directly?

Yes, your ordered machine will be shipped from Ningbo, China to your door. For most customers, we arrange door-to-door shipping, but you can also work with your own forwarder.

How is your service and support level?

We offer online assistance 7 days a week, by email, chat, and phone. The language of communication is English. In some countries, we also offer on-site support and service through one of our service partners. And we also encourage you to check our Support Portal where you can find answers to most of your questions.

What is so great about SYIL machines?

Customers like us for our combination of a top-quality high-performance machine and an affordable CNC machine price.