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Precision CNC Machining at Hawk Fab and Machine

When it comes to precision CNC machining, you want to make sure you use a machine that is not only cost-effective but ...


When it comes to precision CNC machining, you want to make sure you use a machine that is not only cost-effective but also quick and accurate. Some machines, such as the X7 from SYIL or other machines from other competitors, can provide you with the accuracy needed to create products.


Sure, there are other models of CNC machines that don't cost as much as an X7 from SYIL, but they may not meet the specifications you need to create your products the way they're intended. The last thing you want to do is cut corners, especially when it comes to manufacturing products you sell. 


So what is the X7, and why is it one of the best CNC machines used in the industry today? Please continue reading below to hear from Steve Hawk from Hawk Fab and Machine  Milan, Michigan (USA) about his experience with this CNC machine and his recommendation. 


Precision CNC Machining Review

Steve Hawk from Hawk Fab and Machine recently purchased the SYIL because of its precision CNC machining. As a part-time machine shop specializing in rapid prototyping, they wanted to make sure they could use high-precision CNC machining to get the job done. 



CNC Precision Machining with SYIL

Steve Hawk states that seeing the machine in action made them purchase the X7. His company conducted tireless hours of research to try to find the right machine to create the parts needed to support the firearms manufacturing industry. After doing their research and comparing the SYIL to other top competitors, they couldn't help but call it in and order the machine immediately, "After getting quotes from Tormach, Haas, and SYIL we felt the X7 was the best value for the money," said Steve Hawk. Yet, they never had seen a SYIL machine in action. They called team SYIL in Houston, and they arranged a visit to another SYIL customer in the area. "Our first impression was when we went and visited a company local to us that had an X7. We were so impressed with the machine we called Houston and ordered a machine before with left the parking lot."


Hawk Fab and Machine machines parts of all sizes, shapes, and accuracy with the X7. They work with all metals, including titanium. 


Benefits from Working with the SYIL Machine

Steve states the most significant benefit of working with the machine is its speed and accuracy.

"Cutting accuracy is what we really care about... Holes, as it turns out, is one of the hardest operations for a CNC machine to cut accurately."

Upon arrival, his company immediately tested the machine, and they were incredibly impressed. "When we first received our X7 we machined a test part and sent it out to be measured on a CMM. We were totally amazed at the accuracy and tolerances the machine could hold."


What is the X7 Machine?

The X7 machine from SYIL is a high-quality CNC machine manufactured with only the best-in-class components. The machine is equipped with a fast tool changer, rapids, and fast spindle. This allows the device to have excellent production output and part surface finish. 

Per Steve Hawk, the only disadvantage or issue they ran into was needing to replace the tool setter. Other than that, they agreed that this machine was top quality in creating the parts they needed. 


What Is the X7 Machine Used For?

CNC machining is best used for things that need repetition, which is one of the biggest benefits of using the X7 by SYIL. Once you set the design, you can make as many copies of what you need as long as you have enough material to do so. 

Firearm Manufacturing

Similar to Steve Hawk, several other companies machine parts for the firearm industry. There is a lot of controversy around 3D printers because of their ability to create pieces for firearms without serial numbers, but CNC machines have been doing that for years. 

CNC machines, such as the X7, can make modifications for firearms, including grips. It is imperative to note that just because you can, does not mean you should manufacture firearm parts. Hawk Fab and Machine professionals have the necessary permits to create these parts. 

Niche Manufacturing

Although the X7 SYIL machine works best for Hawk Fab and Machine in the firearm sector, the device is also great for other niches. For example, if you're in the construction, transportation, or dental industry, you can use the CNC machine to create the parts needed to complete the job. 



Why the X7 Is Best for Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping, as the name suggests, is quickly creating a product prototype to evaluate and use. Depending on what is being made, the end product is ready to use and can be mass-produced quickly.

For example, if you need to machine parts for something in the medical field or in aerospace applications, you can do so with the X7 SYIL machine. Once you have the correct specifications in place and you are happy with the initial output, you can set the machine to create the same piece over and over, minimizing your production time. 


Why Is Rapid Prototyping Important?

In today's fast-moving modern-day market, customers want their items now, and they want them fast. Since faster production is vital for many businesses to stay competitive and to keep their clients happy, rapid prototyping is vital.  

Main reasons why rapid prototyping is important:

  • Faster product development
  • Allows functionality testing
  • Gives user participants and clients hands-on user experience

Another significant benefit of rapid prototyping with an X7 SYIL machine is its product design accuracy. You are almost guaranteed to have the product right the first time so long as you have the correct specifications and materials used to create the product. The main thing most clients have an issue with when using this machine is that they don't use the right material. 


Create Your Product Effortlessly

Precision CNC machining is not only important for companies like Hawk Fab and Machine but for others who produce parts for firearms, medical devices, construction materials, and more. The X7 machine by SYIL has the speed, precision, and accuracy needed to create products of all types, regardless of the kind of material used for the job.

Hawk Fab and Machine agree that the X7 is an excellent investment that has greatly benefited their company. If you want to learn more about the X7 and how you can use it in your industry, reach out to us for more information! Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about the X7 and any other model that we carry!


Last but not least, we recommend you visit Hawk Fab and Machine on YouTube.

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